CEG – “Erstwhile” paradise of Chennai.

After Plus two results, I and my parents decided to select PSG Coimbatore to pursue my UG. One of the reasons we kept Coimbatore as topmost preference for my UG was its Climate. I often heard that after Nilgiri, Coimbatore is the best place to live owing to its humid climate.

As that was my second visit to Chennai, myself and my parents had an itinerary of places to visit in Chennai, the day before counselling. That day, we visited MGM, Muttukadu etc… The scorching sun once again reinstated our decision of choosing Coimbatore on the next day. We stepped into CEG -the magnum opus of British on the day of counselling.


Once I entered with the prejudice of encountering yet another horrible weather, the trees of CEG slapped me with their cool air. As my slot was in the evening, we walked through the avenues of CEG mufflered by tree canopy. We encountered entirely new paradise of birds, animals and trees within the high tech metropolis of Chennai. I fell in love with the red building and the herd of deer there. Instantly, I changed my opinion and decided to choose CEG inspite of the proximity of Coimbatore to my hometown(Namakkal).  Of course , the placement records and the name of CEG did play major role in selecting CEG, but the role of flora and fauna cannot be sidelined.

Four wonderful years in the Paradise:

The trees and animals there became part and parcel of our lives in those four years. I could still remember those days where Romeos of our college used to sit under the fence around the trees near ATM to have a look at their angels. Even under scorching Agninatchatra heat, our college was relatively cooler. One could easily remember those days of night walk with friends along the tree shadow owing to yellow street lights of CEG.  We used to share stories were rain used to visit the conglomerate of IITM-CEG-Rajbhavan excluding the urban part of Chennai.

Photography and treasure hunting was the major part of interests for many students of CEG. Today my friends like Subash pursue photography as a hobby on which the diversity of flora and fauna in CEG played a major role. It overwhelmed us to appraise the beauty of nature. Those trees offered us beautiful benches to study, shadow to take rest, to spend time with friends, to have a cup of tea from our canteen, to chew lays from Gurunath , darkness to cry and to set our thoughts to flow in the air.  Those shadow lanes of CEG have seen beautiful love stories, breakups, night walks, event nights etc… It is not an exaggeration to call that more than the building, the trees in CEG are the identity of it.

Video : Biodiversity of CEG

Students from 2009 to 2016 batch could rememberer how bad one felt when many trees that we cherished on were shot down by Cyclones like Vardah and Phailin. Students from our NSS used to name trees with pride. Blackbucks, spotted deer, the variety of reptiles were part and parcel of our college life. Once we used to compare CEG with IIT-Madras in-terms of biodiversity. But now, after seeing the sorrowful images of CEG we are no longer privileged to chest thumbing ourself.Days where there when we used to spread messages of not to nail in trees during events but now we are bulldowsing them.

Just adding the latest trend in CEG, slide through it :


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Recently tree cutting IITM was restricted by National Green Tribunal. Environmental clubs in IITM is too strong and students are well aware of the environmental effects and microclimate change in their campus. We need to gather strength by promoting opinion and discussion around these disheartening trend in CEG.

So, what we gonna lose from it?

  1. CEG will no longer be our old CEG – trees the identity of CEG is in losing trend
  2. Deers and birds will be reduced or migrate to IITM. Remeber the environment not only belongs to you. You don’t have rights to deplete it in the name of development.
  3. Students will face scorching heat effect during summer time and their studies and day to day life will get affected.
  4. Sports activities like football, volleyball, hockey and athletics will be gruesome on sunny days.
  5. College fest like Kurukshetra, Techofes and departmental symposium will need higher spending to cool the arena.
  6. The day scholars who face cool breezes in CEG after getting down from their morning buses will no longer feel those cool moments. Your commute to college from your home will become a most horrible part of your college days.
  7. The lunchtime walk to canteen and mess will become the most infamous punishment for hostel guys and gals. Yes, the sun will be with you all along.
  8. Above all, the “happy life” inside CEG  which the alumni enjoyed will no longer be part of the CEG in upcoming years.


Time to unite. We need development but not at the cost of our identity.



Times of India

Deccan Chronicle


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