IFS Exam – Guest Article By Mr.Prasanth IFS – AIR 16 (TN Rank 2) – 2017. S-1

A much awaited article from Mr.Prasanth Eswaran IFS who has secured AIR 16 (TN Rank 2) in Indian Forest Service Examination is here. In this article series he is covering in detail about nook and corner of hitherto unexplored IFS examination conducted by UPSC.


Mr.Prasanth IFS - AIR 16

Mr.Prasanth IFS – AIR 16

Follow it and chase your dreams in right direction with right guidance.

Article Series 1:

Indian forest service IFS via UPSC. YES we are here..
There are lot of doubts arising in what is the service, what is the exam, Who are eligible, how to write, Exam pattern and so and so.. This post will try to answer most of the above doubts and comments are welcomed if anything is left out.
First things first. .
What is IFS?
IFS expanded as Indian Forest Service, (Not to be confused with Foreign service which is one of the many central civil services)
IFS is one of the three All India Services(AIS) viz IAS, IPS and IFS.
Is there any relationship between IAS and IPS with IFS?
No but yes. I will explain. Although IFS has its domain as forest, since IFS is an All India Service(AIS), IFS one of the top district level authority who is the DFO(Divisional forest officer). Thus all three are AIS and so they have almost equal pay, perks and equivalent ranking and promotions. Like any other IAS, IFS is also eligible to be posted to any other departments which can be even outside forest department. This can be even upto secretary of other departments.
Where are IFS trained?
Like IAS, IPS,.. IFS undergo foundation course – FC at LBSNAA, Mussoorie, along with other CSE Civil service successful candidates. Then similar to others after 100 days of FC they head to professional training to IGNFA-Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy at Dehradun, very similar to IPS who head to Sardar Patel Police Academy at Hyderabad.
PS: FC is compulsory to all All India Service officers ie IAS , IPS ,IFS and Foreign Service officers. And optional to other central services (Likes of IRS, IRTS, IAAS….)
On a side note IGNFA is one of the most beautiful campus in India where recently Hon PM celebrated International Yoga Day at Dehradun. Yes the same Lush green campus which you above seen in many movies.
Tell me about the promotions, Ranks, pays, Perks!!
As I have said this is an All India Service,. Your pay and else will be equal to IAS, IPS. A detailed report on pay, promotion, Ranks, department hierarchy will be written soon which will be followed by another article on detailed account on training and other details. Now let’s focus on exams alone..
Say me something about IFS exam, and it’s procedure and how should I apply for it?!?
IFS is conducted by UPSC similar to Civil service exam which is conducted to select IAS, IPS, foreign service, IRS etc.
IFS is three stage selection process.
Stage 1: Preliminary exam
Stage 2: Mains(Written)
Stage 3: Interview
Application for IFS is along with Application for civil service examination which is usually in February-March.
Note: CSE and IFS are applied through same and single application.
Here since usually people apply for CSE and IFS through same application, a careful filling of application is needed. You have to specifically mention what exam you apply for in this prelim application viz.,
1. CSE only, 2. IFS only, 3. Both CSE and IFS.
Choose 3. Both CSE and IFS.
And fill the rest.
You have applied for IFS and CSE.
Now coming to exam process..
Stage 1
The preliminary exam for IFS is combined with preliminary exam of Civil service exams.
Usually top 1200-1500 candidates clear prelims of IFS and top 10,000 to 13,000 candidates clear CSE prelims and go to respective mains.
Note that due to very less candidates clear IFS prelims, This stage is the toughest part (with very less probability)
Hence a very good preparation for civil service prelims is needed to outshine CSE candidate and clear IFS prelims. Thus IFS cut off is usually 10-15 marks higher than CSE.
Apart fromost guidance available online, few tips can be found here.. Link
Stage 2
This is the written part and descriptive part and has 6 papers all of which are taken into consideration for ranking.
Paper 1: English – 300 marks
Paper 2: General Knowledge – 300 marks
Paper 3: Paper 1 of optional 1 – 200 marks
Paper 4: Paper 2 of optional 1 – 200 marks
Paper 5: Paper 1 of optional 2 – 200 marks
Paper 6: Paper 2 of optional 2 – 200 marks
Total of 6 papers of 1400 marks.
Note : IFS exam is allowed to be written only in English language and no regional language is allowed including Hindi and question papers will also be only in English, which is not the case for civil service examination.
The explanation for each paper will be given in detail soon. Check the links below.( Will be updated soon)
Stage 3
Interview or precisely called Personality Test.
This stage carries 300 marks and you will be evaluated similar to Civil Service Examination along with special Emphasis to environment Ecology and forest.
Hence preparation for the stage is similar to Civil Service interview preparation with a little more understanding of environment,forest, species and ecology. This also means that you should be well aware of all the current topics of general importance.
Tips on interview preparation will be updated soon along with transcripts of previous year interview candidates.
The next part will have details of eligibility for the exam, choosing optionals and preparation for each subjects, including English language and General Knowledge paper.
Post your queries in comments section.
2 Responses to “IFS Exam – Guest Article By Mr.Prasanth IFS – AIR 16 (TN Rank 2) – 2017. S-1”
  1. Hi Sir,
    I’m Kunal Ojha from Bikaner, Rajasthan. I filled this year’s form for forest services only (not civil services) and now I’ve cleared 2019 Forest services preliminary exam. So I’ve a head start and time on my plate to prepare Geology and Forestry and clear the exam.

    The help I ask for is regarding the Geology and Forestry notes that you so painstakingly made while preparing for the exam. Anything that you used in your preparation that helped you consolidate the content, you can share. It would be a great help if I could get the soft copy or the hard copy of your notes. This will help me immensely to wrap my head around the subject matter. I need this help as I feel this is a golden chance for me.

    I know that this small help of yours may not change the world, but it will definitely change my world.

    Hoping for a prompt response and thanking you in advance for your agendaless kindness.

    Kunal Ojha
    Roll No. 5202935
    email id : kunalkittuojha@gmail.com

    • sahil goyal says:

      Hi Kunal,
      Did you get a reply?
      I am also an IFS aspirant primarily. But will be writing both.
      Even I plan to take geology as optional for CSE Mains as well. I will be starting my preparation in May 2020.
      Oh btw, how was the result of Mains 2019 and interview? What all did u learn?

      I believe we are in the same boat in targeting IFS. Rest ,you have been in this journey for long. Would like to hear back from you sometime and discuss as I also believe in learning from the book of experiences of others.

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