Compilation of mine and other IFS officers of 2018 batch ,UPSC – IFS & CSE Articles,Videos,Answers and Materials under one roof

Hello everyone,

Its been so long, that i havent talked to you all via my blog. Currently am undergoing training in Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy,Dehradun. 16 months of training going to end in a month.We all will be going to our respective cadres by Mid May. I am going to Madhya-Pradesh cadre. In these 16 months knowingly or unkonwingly I have documented all our training phase in my instagram posts through pictures and detailed articles. Spoke to aspirants via many UPSC channels. Gave interview to Vokal team (Vernacular Question and Answer medium)  in both Hindi(ofcourse using translator) and Tamil. Before entering into IGNFA ,I have written a lot in my blog regarding my preparation strategy and material sharing.

After doing above all, i am getting lot of request from aspirants and 90% of the questions are already answered by me and very few are specific and unanswered. So ,inorder to give a one stop solution for the queries , I am writing this article. This article contains all the posts i have written about UPSC preparation, my interviews and my instagram answers regarding IFS. But it doesn’t restrict to only my articles, but also the blogs, materials and videos of like minded IFS officers of 2018 batch who shared their works with the aspirants. All the best.

A. Articles:

Phase I – Prelims: (Common for UPSC -CSE and IFS but Cut off for IFS will be atleast 10 to 15 marks higher than UPSC CSE cut off)

Click here for Prelims strategy and book list – how to clear with IFS cut-off

Phase II – Mains:

1.CSE mains:

GS 1

World History

GS 2

GS 4

2.IFS mains: ( English paper marks counted for mains mark, exam only in English medium ,only science graduates are eligible)

Geology optional

Forestry Optional

Phase III – Interview: (Same board as like UPSC – CSE but happens two weeks ahead of UPSC – CSE interview)

Interview Transcript and Tips

Phase IV : Medical Test and Physical Test:

Check this for notification – Exam notification ,optionals selection etc….

Check this for IFS examination rules – Physical standards and details about medical examination.

A.Medical examination: Physical examination of UPSC-IFS examination starts after the announcement of final result for only selected candidates and not for all interview candidates unlike UPSC-CSE.

Height requirement :

Eye sight : +/- 6 (for detailed info ,check notification link)

Flat foot not allowed as its a technical service. Medical examination happens in Delhi ,same as like that UPSC CSE . Criteria followed is same as like that of IPS. Check notification for details.

B.Physical Examination: Also called as “Walking Test” conducted back to back after medical test for Selected candidates. Conducted in Delhi zoo, this will be the first time you will be meeting your fellow batchmates for the first time. It will be total fun and all happy faces. All arrangements like juice,snacks,ambulance service will be made available. Just enjoy the nature and jog.

Criteria for selection :

  • 25km in 4hrs for Gentleman officers
  • 14km in 4hrs for Lady officers

Now the most pertinent question:

  1. If you have any issues with your medical test – you can go for an appeal.
  2. If you cant clear the walking test – you will be given second chance or you can come and clear next year (no need to write exam again)
  3. Physical standard requirement for IFS is different from UPSC-CSE ,check above notification for details.


Interview to IAS by Heart team Regarding IFS preparation

In the above Interview ,myself and Mr.Prasanth IFS answered certain pertinent questions like why IFS, how IFS differs from IAS etc….

Prelims strategy – My live session for UPSC_Guide

In the above video, I have shared my strategy and answered following questions

  • How to maximize score in Prelims
  • Elimination Technique in Prelims
  • Hot to approach test series
  • Whether to go for prelims with score 50 to 60 in test series.
  • Most important topics for prelims
  • Solving mock tests
  • Tips to avoid negative marking
  • Budget and Economic Survey

C.Audio Q&A:

Everything about IFS – Answers in Tamil  and Hindi

D.My Quora Q&A:

Quora Answers

E.My Insta Q&A session:

The below slide show images are my answers to some 50 plus questions regarding IFS and its Training, eg: What is the duty of an IFS officer,What is training in IGNFA be like etc….

F.Articles and Videos of Officers of IFS 2018 batch:

Chemical Engineering Optional By Mr.Vineet IFS

Chemical Engineering optional Notes by Mr.Darshan Gattani IFS

Geology optional Strategy by Mr.Prabhakar Priyadarshi IFS

IFS guidance by Mr.Prashanth IFS – Interview Transcript, Articles on IFS examination.

Dedicated Channel for UPSC preparation by Mr.Anupam Sharma IFS

Botany and Zoology Optional Strategy by Ms.Karthikeyani IFS and Mr.Chitrak IFS

G.Initiative of IFS 2019 Batch – Dedicated entirely for IFS preparation – All articles written by IFS officers.

Being IFS

H.Follow me to get updates regarding IFS training,Works of IFS officers etc…




I.Follow IGNFA to get updates regarding happenings of this beautiful campus:




Thats it guys, will update whenever there is an addition to my UPSU guidance journey. After going through all the above, if you still has any doubts : Mail me : . All the best.

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  1. anu geethu says:

    Thank u so much sir for sharing this .It is very helpful to me .

  2. Raja Bit says:

    Sir please provide me the strategy for chemistry optional.

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